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Bozack Morris “Loose Cannons”

There’s definitely something in the water up there in Toronto and it always has been when it comes to the liquid flows of beats and rhymes and DJ / Producer Bozack Morris is no stranger to either. A serious crate addict with some deep digs in his collection, the homie knows how to put it down on his mixtape shit as well as on the boards which is the case with his latest Loose Cannons 7”. The new 7, “Never Change” featuring Conway & Westside Gunn b/w “Mak 90” featuring Conway The Machine is a double sider of grimey, slow flow production laced with streetwise tales that you definitely don’t want to get caught out in the open and in crosshairs danger. Continue reading

Stranger Things LP

Well you knew it was only a matter of time before the what very well might be everyone’s favorite show of 2016, Stranger Things got the vinyl treatment. The Netflix series has gotten thumbs up all around, from the writing and directing, to the casting and of course the amazing score. Scored by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, and originally released via iTunes and coming soon to CD but the real gem lands just a few weeks later in vinyl format via Lakeshore Records. Continue reading

RZA To Live Score The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

There are certain events and happenings that as a fan, you never want to miss. Those things seen as monumental moments in history and of course, a once in a lifetime opportunity. For fans of Kung Fu films and Hip Hop, there is one connector of them both, a man who has made a name for himself in spearheading the combined genre. He is the Abbott of The Wu Tang Clan, better known to most as The RZA and on October 10th, he’ll be doing something that no Kung Fu loving fan would want to miss. During LA’s Beyond Fest, the annual genre film festival, RZA will live score The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, a pivotal movie for both martial arts film and Hip Hop culture. Continue reading

Mohawkestra “Paint It Black”

There are certain sounds that are so familiar yet not identical to what you think it is but still something to raise the red flag and make you take notice. During the initial listen, the first thing we pictured was a scene from a classic Spaghetti Western during a bar room brawl with a mean soundtrack playing in the background. But we also made the connection to one of Hip Hop’s most foundational records and breaks, “Apache” by The Incredible Bongo Band, yet neither are the case. What we do have is an entirely new tune to one degree and an incredible cover and flip to another. “Paint It Black” originally recorded by The Rolling Stones in 1966 and recently recreated by Mohawkestra in 2016 and done very well we must say. Continue reading

Jonny Drop “Mind Field” b/w “This Is The One”

Unless we’re receiving an official press release from a label, it’s rather hard to stay up on all of the vinyl drops hitting the bins at the local shops or even making their way across the net. With that being said, we recently caught wind of a very cinematic, jazzed out 7” from UK producer Jonny Drop. How we missed out on this release that has been available for over 6 months now is beyond us but we’re glad to finally know about it. “Mind Field” is a smooth, spacy instrumental put together in such a way that you would swear a full-blown band was involved and even more, it’s the perfect find for future diggers and producers to sample from. Continue reading

Cold Diamond & Mink “Queen of Soul”

Without any previous knowledge of our next feature 45 and the people behind it, we didn’t know what to expect. If it comes with the Timmion seal of approval then we know it’s definitely going to be quality. But with a name like Cold Diamond & Mink, we would expect the sound to be some pimped out super soul long Cadillac type of sh*t and that’s exactly what we got. Continue reading

Brownout ‘La Raza’ b/w ‘Arabeesh’

Via Kept Records

Kept Records returns with another 7” release from Brownout, a band that they worked with early on in their labels discography. An Austin-based, Grammy nominated psychedelic Latin funk band known for heavy rhythms and a favorite amongst DJ’s and Bboys / Bgirls on the breakin’ scene. Their latest release, a remake / tribute to Kid Frost’s 25 year old Latin pride Hip Hop classic, “La Raza” as well as a tribute to El Chicano features El Dusty, Mellow Man Ace, Niña Dioz, Mexstep, Kool AD and Amaze 88). The coming together of multiple races and cultures is more important now than ever in today’s increasingly divided political climate and Brownout’s version of La Raza pays homage to the past, keeping one foot firmly planted while putting their sincere and creative stamp on visioning a more united future. Continue reading

79.5 – Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub)

Never one to be scared of branching out with unique styles and sounds, Big Crown Records has been on a roll debuting tunes, which seems like almost every other week and this go around is no different. Blessing the world with a first listen on 7” of their latest group to contribute to the labels discography, 79.5 is a group that’s hard to categorize, yet easy to love. “Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub)” is a bubbling Disco tune with driving rhythms and rolling drums produced by Leon Michels that really moves the floor in a big way and from the groups sounds, it’s no wonder why they’ve been attracting a lot of attention in and around New York City. The A-side and 45 Edit version is a totally different take on the song being less of a dance track but equally amazing tune filled with punching Rhodes chops, flutes, dubbed out reggae rhythm guitars and matched with beautiful harmonies. Continue reading

Remulak / M9 / Skriblah Dan Gogh “Highlife”

When it comes to new Hip Hop vinyl pressings, it seems that 90% of what we’ve been hearing and receiving is coming from across the pond which means that thing’s are good and the scene is thriving. Village Live Records who released two of our favorite LPs this year from Ded Tebiase and Chairman Maf returns with a second 7” single produced by Remulak with M9 and Skriblah Dan Gogh. “Highlife” is a laidback Hip Hop head nodder telling the stories of everyday street tales and the quest for the highlife while ultimately being taken under by those same streets that those individuals embraced. It’s should be simple mathematics but not everyone can add and subtract. But one things for sure, there’s always a message in the music, weather in your face or subliminally and the messengers of this release are speaking loud and clear but it’s up to you to hear what their saying. Can you dig it!? Continue reading

The Do Yo Thangs “One Plus One” EP

There’s definitely some beautiful music being made out there and much of it coming from places outside of the states. Just like food, good music is the common connector of people which is why we were so drawn to this 7” / EP from Melbourne band, The Do Yo Thangs (what a name!). Their debut EP “One Plus One” is a collection of sensual slow jams and bumping future soul dominated by rich, four voice harmonies. The EP is the result of many years of soul searching for songwriter / drummer / singer Hugh Rabinovici and his right hand lady, vocalist Audrey Powne (Au Dré). The two met some years ago in the drab corridors of jazz school and bonded over a shared love of Erykah Badu and desired to spread their creative wings. The combination of Hugh’s writing and Audrey’s vocals immediately gelled and before graduating they’d assembled a gifted cohort of musicians that went onto become The Do Yo Thangs. Continue reading