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40 Years of Superfly

As a kid time seems to really move at a snails pace unless of course it’s your Christmas break or Summer vacation from school then it’s here and gone in a blink.  But as an adult the days all seem to blur together with time being lost and you find yourself jumping from one zone to the next like the reoccurring theme in Irwin Allen’s Time Tunnel TV series.  So it’s no wonder that we hadn’t realized that it has been 40 years since the release of this masterpiece which had all the correct makings to become a classic, a Sig Shore production, directed by Gordon Parks Jr., starring Ron O’neal and soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield is all you need.

So in celebration of this monumental moment we’ve decided to let you into our world by pulling out of the archives a few of our collectible pieces that we’ve scored over the years, we’ve collected everything from rare posters (US, Japan and even French), 7″ & 12″ vinyl and even the super limited and exclusive 1 of 110 made Ghetto Prince aka Superfly figures.  Maybe we’ll even do a special screening of Superfly at our next Hot Peas & Butta party.

More photos after the jump.

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