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45 Spotlight: Blue Frog

This is a pretty strange, and well…very different 45 I must say. But hey, not everything has to sound the same IMO. Some of you mat know Enrico Simonetti from his relation to Claudio Simonetti in the Italian Prog Rock group named “Goblin”. Goblin seemed to be the “go to” band when it came to scoring classic horror movies such as Suspiria, Profundo Rosso, Patrick etc. Enrico was also the musical director on one of my favorite library labels, “Fonit Cetra”. On this 45, we have sharp drums, slick guitar licks, and a synthesizer that seems to be making a Frog sound to a funky beat. Yes, I know kind of weird right? Well to me, it is an amazing track and one that I don’t think twice to play in a public venue!

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