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Diggin’ in the Tapes: “Black Gestapo”

In 1975, Variety magazine said, “(Black Gestapo) as a film is extremely brutal, with dozens of shootings, beatings, garroting, and other kinds of mayhem…..” The fact that Variety screened a Blaxploitation film is praise enough but the excerpt from their review would’ve definitely gotten some asses in the seats.The plot revolves around a paramilitary outfit formed to patrol and protect the ghetto but meets its inevitable demise when its leader implodes, drunk with power.

The clamshell VHS was released by Unicorn Video during the mid 80s. It is one of the more common of the clamshell/big box releases as Unicorn Video was one of the top distributors in the early days of the clamshell/big box era. The cover is spectacular and depicts various menacing and seductive images radiating from a large black fist clutching lightning bolts. Later released under the title Black Enforcers, Black Gestapo was one of better, albeit underrated, films of the later Blaxploitation era.

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