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Five on the Black Hand Side: Akalepse

This week’s Five on the Black Hand Side comes from New York native, Akalepse.  From digging to rocking parties to managing the record label Truth & Soul, Akalepse’s love and appreciation for the music is a badge he wears proudly.  It was only a matter of time before we got curious as to what Lepse is carrying around in his 45 bag. Lets take look.

“Choosing five is really hard. Five for what? Five for when? So i picked five that i would play at this moment. I play these records out, but if you hear these at the party, the party is going very well.  Magic moment status.” – Akalepse

The Fascinations  “I Can’t Stay Away From You”

This record is incredible; The Fascinations have a bunch of great sides. Beautiful Curtis Mayfield production on his own label (p.s. the label design is top ranking).  The Impressions have a version too.

The Parliaments  “Don’t Be Sore At Me”

The early Parliaments music is heavy, and this record is two sides of amazing. I don’t want to choose, but the other side has one of the best song names ever, “All Your Goodies Are Gone (The Losers Seat).”  Both are incredible, great songs…………….“darling forgive me please.”

The Webs  “It’s So Hard To Break A Habit”

Take that.


Ken Boothe  “Artibella”

I got this a few months ago, I’m stuck on it.  He says, “Artibella I saw you with a fella and I don’t like the idea,” I like that.  The flip is the version.  Heavy.

Lee Fields & The Expressions “Faithful Man”

This is the next single we are putting out from Lee’s full length “Faithful Man”.  The song is incredible.  Truth & Soul with another classic. Thank you everyone who supports us.

Thank you Lance for asking me to do this.

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