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Five on the Black Hand Side: Kid Dyno

This months guest for Five on The Blackhand Side comes from our fellow record correspondent in the U.K., breakbeat fanatic and Hip Hop aficionado, Kid Dyno of Daily Diggers.  We’ve known KD for many years and have always respected his true school attitude about the music and culture in general which is quite obvious if you’ve been a follower of his blog where he keeps you up to date on everything from Graffiti to Breaks, Triple Fat Goose to fresh laced kicks and everything in between.  When not keeping you informed on all things Hip Hop, you can catch him diggin’ deep in the crates, or in this case letting you know which gems never leave his crates.


I’ve owned several copies of this 45 over the years and recently lost my “doubles” whilst playing out somewhere, so this one is my back up copy. Despite the moldy label she plays OK. Used by KOOL G RAP, LORD FINESSE and ICE-T amongst others, this record is a great contender for one of my fave 45s of all time. Mainly because when that drum and bass break comes in… BOOM!

PEPPERS – “Stuffed Pepper” AVALANCHE

I stumbled upon this 45 in a job lot of funk 45s that I picked up in one of those “second hand everything” shops. I almost had a heart attack when I got home and heard those bongo drums. Whenever I use it in a set people always come up and ask WTF is this? Some times I tell ‘em, and sometimes I just send them on a wild goose chase with a bogus title.

THE NITE-LITERS “Down and Dirty” RCA

This is my favorite NITE-LITERS joint and it always goes down well and gets butts moving at a party or in the club. I still get a tingle down my spine myself when I play it out which is always a good sign that I’ve picked the right record. I love watching people in the crowd sing along “We got so much soul, we don’t need no music”.  I’m sure you can see a pattern developing here already ….. yes I like 45s that got that ill breakdown part!


THE FAME GANG – “Grits and Gravy” FAME

This is another record which I stumbled upon and had never heard before. I had to buy it simply because of the track title, and the colorful label. My hunch was rewarded and it’s never left my turntable since. Those sassy horns keep building up the atmosphere all the way through the track and then leave everyone buzzing over the drums and bass break that ensues.


OK … so once I’ve got the crowd where I want ‘em, this record is my killer blow. Drop this 45 at the height of any set and watch the roof catch fire! The most seductive of bass lines gets everyone moving include those hardcore dudes who NEVER dance, and a firm favorite with the ladies for some reason (trust me on that). I’d love to tell you that I found this 45 for a £pound in a bargain bin somewhere……but I’d be lying. Whatever I paid I certainly got my money’s worth.  And so did the crowd.

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