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Five on the Black Hand Side: Nitekrawler

DJ Nitekrawler is one of those rare DJ’s that has great records, can play those records properly and actually knows everything about those records from band members to when and where it was recorded and everything in between.  He is the go to guy when your looking for those highly sought after rare DC area 45′s and runs the site  I had the opportunity to play records with him at his monthly throwdown Moneytown in DC and was amazed by his collection and selection so it’s only right that we ask him to share with the world is “Five on The Black Hand Side”.

Harvey & the Phenomenals – Soul & Sunshine

Hands down, this is one of my favorite tunes, and luckily, I’m not the only one who goes nuts when it’s dropped at a party. It just has that sound about it; meaning every element is so on point. When that sax drops after the drum and bass intro….maaaaan………no words. Cleveland, Ohio, you guys kill it.

The Exits – Got To Have Money

I don’t know how anyone would be able to resist dancing to this essential cut. Not only is the groove just right, but the lyrics that ride it really hit home. I’m not saying I’m homeless yet, but I know how being short on cash and interacting with the opposite sex can present “challenges”.

The Leaders – (It’s A) Rat Race (instrumental)

Everytime I hear this instrumental, I wish I wasn’t terrible at breakdancing, as I would probably jump down from the DJ booth to rock the most serious of serious moves. That being said, this Arkansas group really knew how to construct a guitar, drum, and flute session that still works wonder today. Excellent.

Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders – We’re Doing It (Thang) (Part II)

Basically, this cut is heavier than a barge full of elephants. Eddie Bo released a ton of singles out of his home base of New Orleans during the 60s and 70s, the most recognizable being the classic “Hook and Sling” that can be found in almost any major town, but this one is even more likely to get heads nodding with it’s raw power and infectious vocals. Gotta have it handy!

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles – If You Can Want

Motown & it’s subsidiaries boast buckets and buckets of goodness in their catalogue. Smokey Robinson definitely fills some of those buckets. This fantastically beautiful tune always works when the party starts to wind down leading into the end of the night. In 1968, when this was released, it was the most purchased single from the album it hailed from. Clearly, it still has some magic left to share.

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