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Five on the Black Hand Side

Five on the black hand side is a new section in which we will find out from some of our favorite DJ’s collectors and label owners 5 records that never leave their boxes or always get played no matter if  out at a gig or sitting in their living rooms listening to tunes.  Being that this is our first segment it’s only right that we find out from Butta Bro #1 what his favorite pieces are and why.

1. Sweet Charles “Hang Out & Hustle” - This is a late nighter for me, I always seem to drop this a few hours before the night is winding down.  I love playing this track because I always feel like it’s exactly what’s going on with our guest DJ’s and audience, we’re just hanging out with our friends.

2.  The Honey Drippers “Impeach The President” - This song just sounds so good behind a proper soundsystem, everything from the opening drum, to the breakdown to the singing.  It’s a classic that should be in everyone’s box.

3.  The Meters “Hand Clapping Song” – This is a track that never fails, the minute it drops in people start singing, clapping and wilding out.  Nothing more that needs to be said about it!

4.  The Chosen Few “We Are The Chosen Few” – This is banging double sider and could be flipped like a coin to go with either.  I usually run with the “B” side which is my favorite just beating out the “A” by a hair but regardless both works.

5.  Richard Marks “Funky Four Corners” – Both the vocal and insturmental versions on this 7″ which always gets played when the dance floor is packed wins everytime.  There’s something about that late 60′s period of time when soul brothers was shouting “ugh”, “can you dig it” and “good gawd” over a perfect funky backing band.

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