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Foxy Brown & Truck Turner Double Feature

There’s not much excitement these days to be spoken about when it comes to the movie going experience at the multiplex, everything is a remake of this, sequel to that, big budget and minimal content hopes of being a Summer blockbuster hit.  Of course these film’s make money during it’s opening weekend but how many of these pictures stay in theaters more than a month?  Or for that matter get a re-release shortly after only to be tied in with another film of it’s kind for a double feature?  None!  Blame it on the short attention span of today’s generation or maybe the cookie cutter style of movies better yet blame it on Hollywood’s greed, but one thing’s for sure it wasn’t like that in 1974!

“THE PERFECT MATCH TO SET THE SCREEN ON FIRE!” was the caption and that’s what happened when Pam Grier as Foxy Brown & Isaac Hayes as Truck Turner did together for the first time on one big show during their second release as a double bill.

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