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Afro-American Arts Institute (AAAI)
Bloomington, Indiana
The I.U. Soul Revue is a R&B, soul, and funk music ensemble at the African American Arts Institute of Indiana University located in Bloomington, Indiana. The Soul Revue was founded in 1971 by Herman Hudson. In 1972, Hudson recruited Ethnomusicologist Portia K. Maultsby to become the ensemble’s first director. The I.U. Soul Revue was America’s first collegiate black popular music ensemble offered for academic credit. The Revue released two 7″ singles in 1977 which include “Tell Me ‘Bout It” with “This Lonely Room” featuring Isaiah Sanders & Expressions in Ebony on the flip, and “Music Is Just A Party” featuring The Lovemen, with “Seasons of Love” featuring Corrine Givens & Black Flash on the b-side. “Tell Me ‘Bout It” is the cut I like to play out at parties. These are the only two 7″ releases that I am aware of on the AAAI label.
I came across both of these 45s together at a local bookstore and was not hip to them at the time. I made the purchase because it is an Indiana record, the name of the band and song titles indicated that something soulful and funky could be in my hands, I liked the logo, and they were cheap and in very good condition.

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