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Special Edition Five on the Black Hand Side:
Supreme La Rock

This week we bring you a special edition “Five on the Black Hand Side” for your 4th of July listening pleasure.  Supreme La Rock is on the East Coast and has blessed us with his 5 45s that are always in his case and he can rock a party with.  Check out his picks and even listen to them after the jump.

River Park  – Girl

Wow so killer, a modern soul/funk masterpiece easily in my top favorites. I love the hand claps that fall off beat all over the place…

Nina Dunn – Stay and Dance

This one really does it for me. The strings are incredible, the horns, the entire production and then those sweet vocals come in.  Good lord this is it. If you’re not feeling this you have no soul.

Project – Won’t You Serve Him

A keyboard lead gospel praise to Jesus? Yes please!

The Fun Company – Zambezi

I flipped the first time I heard this one. Wow, wow, wow. I need to loop this up immediately and get Ghost Face on it… Where you at Tony?

James Mason – Sweet Power Your Embrace

On 45?! Yep. Not only that it’s a slightly different mix too.

Supreme La Rock on the East coast this week.

7.5.12   “Get BK Funk”  @ Tandem Bar  (Brooklyn)

7.6.12  “Dust and Grooves” Gallery party @ Tropicalia Infurs (NY)

7.6.12  “ACE” Hotel  (NY)

7.7.12  “More Than Enough” @ The Gallery Le Poisson Rouge (NY)

7.8.12  “Sundae” @ Silk City  (Philadelphia)

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