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Bozack Morris “Loose Cannons”

There’s definitely something in the water up there in Toronto and it always has been when it comes to the liquid flows of beats and rhymes and DJ / Producer Bozack Morris is no stranger to either. A serious crate … Continue reading

Mohawkestra “Paint It Black”

There are certain sounds that are so familiar yet not identical to what you think it is but still something to raise the red flag and make you take notice. During the initial listen, the first thing we pictured was … Continue reading

Jonny Drop “Mind Field” b/w “This Is The One”

Unless we’re receiving an official press release from a label, it’s rather hard to stay up on all of the vinyl drops hitting the bins at the local shops or even making their way across the net. With that being … Continue reading

Cold Diamond & Mink “Queen of Soul”

Without any previous knowledge of our next feature 45 and the people behind it, we didn’t know what to expect. If it comes with the Timmion seal of approval then we know it’s definitely going to be quality. But with … Continue reading

Brownout ‘La Raza’ b/w ‘Arabeesh’

Via Kept Records Kept Records returns with another 7” release from Brownout, a band that they worked with early on in their labels discography. An Austin-based, Grammy nominated psychedelic Latin funk band known for heavy rhythms and a favorite amongst … Continue reading

79.5 – Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub)

Never one to be scared of branching out with unique styles and sounds, Big Crown Records has been on a roll debuting tunes, which seems like almost every other week and this go around is no different. Blessing the world … Continue reading

Remulak / M9 / Skriblah Dan Gogh “Highlife”

When it comes to new Hip Hop vinyl pressings, it seems that 90% of what we’ve been hearing and receiving is coming from across the pond which means that thing’s are good and the scene is thriving. Village Live Records … Continue reading

The Do Yo Thangs “One Plus One” EP

There’s definitely some beautiful music being made out there and much of it coming from places outside of the states. Just like food, good music is the common connector of people which is why we were so drawn to this … Continue reading

Mello Soul Black & The Jazz Spastiks ‘What Ya Heard’

Can someone please explain to us how two MC’s from Texas and Tennessee known as Mello Soul Black mysteriously comes out of nowhere (at least unbeknownst to us), linked up with producers The Jazz Spastiks via Scotland and dropped a … Continue reading

Lee Fields & The Expressions “Special Night”

They say the title legend gets thrown around way to easily and we highly agree! Just because you’ve been around the block doesn’t automatically place a crown over your domepiece but one man who definitely holds it down with the … Continue reading