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The Library Music Film

Growing up as a kid I was deeply in love with classic television programs, some before my time and many during my time. Introduced and heavily influenced by my uncle to watch many of these shows, with a large portion … Continue reading

The Sound of Philadelphia Documentary

Word broke earlier this week that a documentary on the City of Brotherly love and it’s most famous recording studio, Sigma Sound was in the works. The upcoming documentary by Bill Nicoletti perfectly titled The Sounds of Philadelphia will follow … Continue reading

Hail To The King: 60 Years of Destruction

Although we’re back from our month long Japan tour, we’re still in a Japanese state of mind and enjoying everything the country has to offer. One thing that we love which should be obvious by our Kaiju comic book series, … Continue reading

This Thing We Do: Houston DJ Culture Revealed

When it comes to DJ culture and it’s historical background, most people are familiar with the roots of New York, Philadelphia, L.A., The Bay Area and Chicago. But one city that not much is known about (at least not until … Continue reading

Vinyl Fever

Last week we featured a mini documentary on the history of Craig Moerer’s Records By Mail and this week he’s back with another short doc on record collectors called Vinyl Fever. The short is based on the obsessed, diehard collector … Continue reading

A Documentary Called “Funk”

There’s a very interesting and necessary to watch documentary which made it’s debut earlier this year with parts 1-3 and we’re highly anticipating the final part 4 in the series to be released soon. Funk dives into the history and … Continue reading

Rewind This!

This past Monday we had the opportunity to see the Philadelphia premier screening of Rewind This! which is a documentary about collectors of the VHS format. If you’ve been following our Hot Peas & Butta or know us then you … Continue reading

The Black Kung Fu Experience

Growing up in the 1970′s the Kung Fu film genre was all around us and played in almost every theater in urban areas, everything from Bruce Lee to Shaw Brothers and even the ever so popular Bruce Li (Brucesploitation) films … Continue reading