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“Sugar Hill” (1974)

Contrary to what the title might indicate, American International Pictures’ “Sugar Hill” has nothing to do with the Harlem neighborhood that has been extensively featured in many other classic Blaxploitation flicks back then.


Hot Peas & Butta returns to Fat Buddha for another night of VENGEANCE! We had so much fun at the previous screening in January that everyone in attendance demanded that we do it again, so here it is. Next Wednesday, … Continue reading

The Black Kung Fu Experience

Growing up in the 1970′s the Kung Fu film genre was all around us and played in almost every theater in urban areas, everything from Bruce Lee to Shaw Brothers and even the ever so popular Bruce Li (Brucesploitation) films … Continue reading

Diggin’ In The Tapes: Fritz The Cat VHS

Released in 1982, the clamshell VHS release of Fritz the Cat was monumental. Fritz the Cat was the first animated film to receive a rating of “X” from the MPAA (later surrendered for the 2001 MGM DVD release) and, with … Continue reading

Saturday Matinee

A major part of the Hot Peas & Butta routine has always been catching the occasional Saturday afternoon matinee Kung Fu flick in the theaters which have long since gone then replaced by afternoon Kung Fu theater on Philly’s Channel 17 … Continue reading