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Soundsci “Write On” b/w “Changing of The Gods”

They say that there’s something for everyone, yet we so often hear people say that there’s nothing good out there. We’ve never believed in or subscribed to that notion because we’re ones who believe in the term “dig deeper”. Has … Continue reading

Dusty Donuts 004 ‘Antique Anthem’ b/w ‘Make Your Move’

Is time flying or did those crafty folks over at Dusty Donuts release yet another 7” off the heels of the previous one which we haven’t fully ran to death yet!? Well either way, the latest release from the label … Continue reading

Supreme La Rock’s Top 10 Rap 45’s

In addition to my brother Skeme Richards listed post of some of his favorite rap 45’s, I’ve decided to join the club and add my list of 10 as well. Please remember, we are by no means rap 45 experts, … Continue reading

Skeme’s Top 10 Rap 45s (Pre 1990)

Rap 45’s seem to be the cool, hip and in thing these last couple of years with plenty of heads spending an incredibly insane (and stupid) amount on them for the sheer novelty of it all. Not because the song … Continue reading

Lil Rap Records “Kay Gee The All”

The prices of Rap 45s have gone through the roof! Records that recently went for a couple peanuts are now selling for a whole truck full. The record that I want to share today recently went for more than $400 … Continue reading

Lil Rap Records “Spectrum City”

Def Jam released a 45 to pair most of the 12 inch singles that they put out. They would also license their recordings to overseas labels that would release 45s of either the same mix of the song or a … Continue reading

Lil Rap Record: Biz Markie “Spring Again”

There are some Rap 45s that are extremely easy to pick up. Some that you are likely to find as the only Rap 45s in almost any pile of random 45s in the back of some antique store off I35 … Continue reading

Someone’s Got It Made

Someone’s got it made and I don’t think it’s the buyer but more so the seller of this Special Ed 7″ which recently sold on eBay for $271.00. To each his / her own when it comes to buying Hip … Continue reading

Schoolly D “Parkside 5-2″

Usually when the term “Gangsta Rap,” is spoken it generally conjures up images of ’64 Impalas, Jheri curls, 40s of 8 Ball and Dickies suits. This makes sense as these images of West Coast gang culture are what was represented … Continue reading

Lil Rap Records: Sweet Tee

When it comes to Christmas music I have to admit, I have a few favorites: Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time,” comes to mind along with various versions of “The Little Drummer Boy,” and “Silent Night.” However, if we talk about … Continue reading