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Root Soul “Amplification”

One of our favorite bands to see when traveling over to Japan is without a doubt, Root Soul. With multiple albums and single releases under their belt, including their last project “Destiny” replayed by Root Soul and Shuya Okino of … Continue reading

Champ @ The Room, Shibuya 11/28

Next week we kick things off with the return of Magma Taishi and the Hot Peas & Butta 4 year anniversary tour in Japan. Skeme Richards will be making his way in between Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka while also make … Continue reading

Yosuke Tominaga “Haze Pt 1”

A little over two years ago while on a trip to Japan, I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with a DJ by the name of Yosuka Tominaga who gave me 45’s from his private label Champ Records … Continue reading

Japan Exclusive 7″

A few weeks back we presented you with a video clip with visuals connected to Japan’s Yosuke Tominaga’s new 45 “Drag-On”.  Today we present you with the actual label image for this Japan only exclusive and limited to 300 copies … Continue reading

45 Spotlight: Yosuke Tominaga “Drag On”

We’re always excited to receive new product here at the office especially when it makes it’s way from our friends in Japan. Our good friend Yosuke Tominaga who we previously reviewed his prior 7″ a few months back now has … Continue reading

45 Review:
Yosuke Tominaga – Phantom

Yosuke Tominaga Phantom Part 1 b/w Part 2 Champ Records There’s always something new to be discovered in the world but when traveling to Japan that figure is always magnified by 10.  Fresh off of the Magma Taishi Returns to Japan … Continue reading