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The Black Kung Fu Experience

Growing up in the 1970′s the Kung Fu film genre was all around us and played in almost every theater in urban areas, everything from Bruce Lee to Shaw Brothers and even the ever so popular Bruce Li (Brucesploitation) films that were gaining popularity during that time. When it comes to the cool kick ass Brotherman in the Martial Arts flix we instantly think of Mr. Williams aka Black Belt Jones aka I’ll take six of these fine ladies on at one time because I’m a little tired, Jim Kelly. But there was another afro wearing ass kicker that really didn’t get as much recognition as Jim Kelly but still was held in high regards especially in Hong Kong, he was known as The Black Dragon, Ron Van Clief. We have to admit that even though we’ve seen his films in the past that seeing this trailer for a new documentary that features his story peeked our interests to go back and explore his works again.

This is a really deep documentary that discusses the Black Kung Fu Experience from some of Marital Arts greatest real life figures and especially goes in depth with Ron Van Clief’s story of joining the military, getting pissed on while he slept, beaten and being hung by white military men who were fighting the same war that he was. On a side note, it shows how really fucked up things were in America during that time and still actually exists til this day. He continues to discuss moving to Hong Kong and being hired to star in Kung Fu films and becoming a Black hero on the big screen unlike many that portrayed Pimps and Hustlers during that time.

Definitely looking forward to checking out the full documentary when it’s released.

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