OG Press Magazine Issue #2

Sometimes I write about music and history music as is the case in the latest print of OG Press Magazine #2 50th Hip Hop issue where I wrote about the history of the bootleg compilation (as well as a few 12″ singles) and the records that helped shape the sound of DJ’ing and what eventually became Hip Hop culture.

Everything from Paul Winley’s Super Disco Breaks to Lenny Roberts’s (Breakbeat Lenny) Octopus Breaks enter Ultimate Breaks and Beats which himself and Breakbeat Lou curated to Danny Dan The Beatman’s Dusty Fingers and even Paul Nice’s Drum Library series. There’s so much history and contributions to take in throughout this article that tells an important story.

Be sure to grab issue #2 as well as #1 which I was also featured in if you haven’t done so yet! The magazine is packed full of crazy content for Hip Hop heads who love the music, fashion, art and those who love all things vinyl and digging!

Available now at https://ogpressrecords.com/