Oxygen aka Just Divine “1-4-9” b/w “Droppin’ Bombs”

There are few artists that we’ve reviewed here at Nostalgia King that you should be more than familiar with. Artists that don’t necessarily need our co-sign yet we feel the need to keep hitting you in the head with what they’ve got going on in hopes of you getting up on the get down. One of those artists is none other than Oxygen, a veteran MC, thoroughbred from the era of when New York MC’s really held it down lyrically and member of the crew called Soundsci. For those not yet in the know, Oxygen just released his latest 45 with lyrics penned in his earlier days when he was known as Just Divine. Don’t take these for throwbacks though, they’ve been updated to fit 2016 standards and quite honestly, delivered better than your favorite rappers favorite rapper on his best day.

“1-4-9” b/w “Droppin’ Bombs” is the complete package, from the lyrical content to Jonny Cuba production, Ollie Teeba on the cuts and the homie Sub Two who did a fantastic job on the cover art. Top-notch work here and another Hip Hop sure shot. Check the very short (but sweet) soundclip below then cop that!