Star Creature Double Feature

Vibe… vibrations! Star Creature returns with a double dosage of 7” goodness with their upcoming releases, both of which are sure shots as one would expect. First up, Mexico City’s Shiro Schwarz who makes their vinyl debut with “I Don’t Know Why” b/w “Move Your Body” which displays some of the best song writing in the Modern Funk era. What you’ll find here are heavy layers of synths combined with an equal amount of emotional, yet sexy and playful lyrics from the duo of Pammela and Rafael which keeps things bubbling and bouncing non stop.

The second of two in our double feature comes from Birdbone Unlimited with “Heart Attack” b/w “Don’t Stop” We honestly would love to say something witty about this double sider but after reading the labels press release we couldn’t come up with anything more fitting. “This is your uncle Junior’s funk – that Stacy Adams, Black Love incense, Hai Karate groove providing the quintessential backdrop to primping for a night at the spot”. We applaud whoever came up with this genius description and we salute Birdbone Unlimited for delivering this grown up slice of funk.

Star Creature as an independent has been releasing major label sounds and killing it in the process. Top-notch selections all around and they know exactly where they stand within the musical spectrum. The future sounds bright and we’re tagging right along with them.