Al – Tone Edits Vol. 7

There’s something special about the duo of Al-Tone and their series of heavy duty edits that they’ve been pressing up over that last few years that separates them from others in an era where technology has made it easy for everyone to simply, extend a loop and call it an edit. First let’s start by saying that their knowledge and love of music is something serious but that love also delves deep into genres and sounds that aren’t necessarily the mainstream tastes. It’s easy to take a popular chart topping tune that’s been previously extended and “remixed” multiple times and sell it to the public as something new and the latest Al-Tone Edits vol. 7 continues on exactly where the previous volume left off and are for those that dig slightly deeper.

With heavy focus on lesser-known Gospel, Disco, and Afro-boogie tunes we’re always surprised with what Albumz and Tone B. Nimble come up with and how well they work on the dance floor. What you’ll find from their latest double-sider 45 release is more of that signature flavor of the unexpected that they’re known for and yet another that will take up expensive real estate in our crates. The number one job of the DJ is to educate the listener so we applaud these Chicago homies for not taking the easy route and digging deep within their archives to bless the world.