Lady Wray – Do It Again

Never let anyone tell you that today’s music sucks! Maybe you just need to open your ears and be exposed to something more that what’s on your FM dial and that’s where the Nostalgia King comes in. Big Crown Records who have been on fire with their first few releases strikes gold once again with the latest from the catalog and one that features one of our favorite singers in the industry today. “Do It Again” by the beautiful and talented Lady Wray is the first release from her upcoming album, Queen Alone and she’s standing right where she belongs, on the throne. It’s been quite sometime since we’ve heard vocals and deep meaning soulful lyrics of this nature and it’s definitely what the ear doctor ordered. But this 45 wouldn’t be what it is if we didn’t mention the duo behind the production of it all, Leon Michels and Thomas Brenneck who should ring a bell if you know the name El Michels Affair and their signature sound.

If this is any glimpse into what we can expect from the upcoming full length, then lead us to the pre-order line now! The 45 is available now via their online store