Street Player EP

There’s something about having a test pressing in your hand of a record that the label passed to you previously and for the last couple of months you’ve been playing it in your sets gaining positive reactions. That’s when the label see’s you as a “tastemaker” and knows that you’re doing a DJ’s job of making and breaking records. That’s the case with the latest release from Portland Oregon’s Liquid Beat Records that was given to me back in June while visiting the city. I met up with label owner Matt Nelkin who always looks out for me and spent the day taking me local hangouts, restaurants and of course spots like Clinton Street Records.

The latest release from the label, which is an EP filled with various cover versions to the dance floor favorite, Street Player originally recorded by Chicago. What you’ll find on this 12” is vocals from the legendary Colonel Red who mixes things up actually does different takes to each of the varied production styles from Matt Nelkin, HOT16, Roane Namuh and DaiN, with a bonus Drumappella.

Available for pre-order, this is definitely a sure shot and a great reimagining of a Disco classic that you’ll want to have tucked in your crates.