79.5 – Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub)

Never one to be scared of branching out with unique styles and sounds, Big Crown Records has been on a roll debuting tunes, which seems like almost every other week and this go around is no different. Blessing the world with a first listen on 7” of their latest group to contribute to the labels discography, 79.5 is a group that’s hard to categorize, yet easy to love. “Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub)” is a bubbling Disco tune with driving rhythms and rolling drums produced by Leon Michels that really moves the floor in a big way and from the groups sounds, it’s no wonder why they’ve been attracting a lot of attention in and around New York City. The A-side and 45 Edit version is a totally different take on the song being less of a dance track but equally amazing tune filled with punching Rhodes chops, flutes, dubbed out reggae rhythm guitars and matched with beautiful harmonies.

79.5 is comprised of three lead vocalists, Kate, Nya and Piya and a band that pulls influence from every corner of record store. The group’s infectious energy is what the audience loves about them and what, between the arrangements of bandleader Kate Mattison and the prowess of all the players, their sets run a gamut of energies and tempos, weather breaking it down to acapella, turning it up to disco or mastering the middle, they run the groove and the crown follows suit.

“Terrorize My Heart” is definitely a winner and Big Crown comes through once again with a gem.