Brass Horizon “Horizon’s Theme”

It’s been a great year for DJ Sigher’s Super Disco Edits label with the slew of previously unreleased tunes that he’s been pulling from dusty reels that have been stored in the vaults for 30+ years and blessing the DJ with. The label will be closing out 2016 on a very high note with one more gem from Brass Horizon titled “Horizon’s Theme pt. 1 / 2”. This 6 min, heavily inspired by the Bay Area mid 70’s sound has been trimmed to fit nicely on 7” without losing any of its essential parts. Big in sound and tightly arranged with, Horizon’s Theme showcases their horn flexing skills that are very much comparable to any band during it’s era. What put’s this tough as nails cut over the edge though is the flip side which closes things out in true B-Boy fashion with the “doubles are a must” drum break that let’s the drummer really zone out and shine.


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