Debre Damo Dining Orchestra – S/T LP

As a traveling global DJ, my ears have been turned on and tuned into many different sounds that I might not have had the opportunity to experience had I not touched down in certain countries of come in contact with tastemakers who were in the know. I’ve never been exposed to Ethio-jazz but after my first introduction a few years back via a 7” given to me by Debre Damo Dining Orchestra, I knew that there was something special about it. Hailing from Copenhagen, DDDO are a unique bunch consisting of 6 musicians who fuse together a serious mixture of sounds to create something that sparks right before pyramids and space collide. The group went all in and came correct on their self-titled debut LP, with a solid 9 cuts of Ethio-jazz funkiness that is too good to slip under any music lovers radar.