Soundsci “Ronin” b/w “All Hands On Deck”

“There ain’t nothing like Hip Hop music”! The sound of fresh beats, ill lyrics and tight cuts and scratches is alive and well and has been steadily on pace to become the sound and quality of releases that we’ve known during the golden age of Hip Hop. One collective that’s leading the way and the 2016 comparable of whoever was your favorite years back is none other than Soundsci and on their latest 45, we catch Audessey, Oxygen and UGeorge delivering straight to the gut verbals with knock out touches from the men who speak with their hands, DJ Mr. Thing, DJ Woody and DJ Ollie Teeba. That’s three MC’s times three DJ’s means six reasons why this is the joint and perfectly titled “All Hands on Deck”

The A-side features the newest member of the collective but not new to delivering sure shots is Supastition. “Ronin” is the first track from the crews upcoming album “Walk the Earth” and Supastition who needs no introduction is a master himself, yet a master-less samurai at the same time on this track walks the open path as if he’s done so many times prior. Add the rest of Soundsci to the mix and that path is no longer a lone one.

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