Breakdown Brass “Harrow” b/w “Nautilus (Hijacked)”

Drum roll please!! And that’s exactly where things kick off on the upcoming Kept Records release from Breakdown Brass. “Harrow” is a deep, slow rolling, horn infected, smack you in the face sound coming out of the speakers cut from the band and one that’ll have your blood pumping with fists raised in the air. When we first heard it, it instantly pumped the energy in the office and made us feel ready to take on the world and could very well be used as someone’s ring entrance theme, champions only though! The B-side once again takes the band into cover version with a twist territory as they “hijack” in their own fashion two sampled classics to create a new masterpiece. “Nautilus (Hijacked)” takes from the Bob James Hip Hop staple of the same name and combines it with Hijack by Enoch Light to give the listener the 2016 rendition of Slick Rick’s Children Story. Uncle Ricky would indeed be proud of what Breakdown Brass has done and would probably do the wop the minute it drops.

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