Twinn Konnexion – Don’t Fight The Love

The Super Disco Edits label known for issuing previously unreleased material continues on with their tradition of doing just that, blessing DJ’s and collectors with great music for their crates and dance floors alike. For their upcoming release, the label dug into the Gardner label archives and pulled a great Modern Soul tune off of the master tapes from Twinn Konnexion.

Stu Gardner, leading a group of top notch session musicians in 1980 and noticed that there was still time on the clock after they had finished their work for a popular network television show. Making good use of precious moments, the band recorded an exuberant track that’s quintessential 80’s with a timeless and positive message, love and desire”.

Super Disco Edits is in a lane all by them self when it comes to bringing these types of releases to light and doing a great job at it. As with previous, this is a limited edition release never to be reissued so be sure to scoop a copy when it drops in early July.