Fred “Love Can Last Forever”

When it comes to some of my fondest memories of radio and growing up, most would probably expect me to first mention any local Hip Hop radio show. But prior to Hip Hop being accepted on the FM dial, the Quiet Storm hosted by Tony Brown on Philly’s WDAS FM was where I began making tapes. The show would focus on mellow soul tunes that would later carry over to me slow dancing with girls at late night basement house parties then later as an adult fuel my collectors interests of sweet soul 45’s.

That sound is not something that we often hear in today’s market but leave it up to Timmion Records, a label who understands soul music to have their ear in the right place. Their latest release and the first on their Stylart imprint, “Love Can Last Forever” by Fred captures that same deep in the gut, burning in the soul feeling 45 that you’d pay upwards of $100 or more for on the secondary market. There’s something magical about the falsetto but there are no tricks and gimmicks on this 2-for-1 that features the vocal version on the a-side with the Soul Investigators instrumental backing on the flip makes this a win-win all day!

If sweet soul 45’s are your thing then cop this 45 and stash one away for a rainy day.