What’s New From Colemine Records!?

What’s new from Colemine Records you ask? Well a few things that we highly recommend which should have your attention and take up space in your crates. Summer is here and there’s nothing better than a batch of tunes to spin at your backyard BBQ’s, during your sets at concerts and festivals and most importantly, while relaxing at home drinking a cold one. Close to 10 years in the game and Colemine has a rather impressive catalog and roster under their belt with a few more 45’s ready to drop just in time for summer enjoyment.



Hitting the bins right about the time of you reading this comes new sure shots from one of our favorite bands on the scene, The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble with “Jeannie’s Get Down” b/w “A Message From The Meters” who gives us a preview of what’s in store on their upcoming album Out On The Coast. Their latest double-sider gives us their signature Afro funky goodness and a sound that we’ve come to love from this West Coast outfit. On the flip, the band pulls inspiration all the way from New Orleans to do a rendition and cover one of the greatest bands to hit the funk scene, The Meters.

Next out the gate with an up-tempo heavy dance floor number is Soul Scratch “Pacified” b/w “Look How Far We’ve Come”. Pacified is pure soul sister dynamite and a sound that’s rarely heard on the scene in this way. Heavy driving rhythms and instrumentation beating like a pulse with a message that we can all relate to, file this under the “future classic” category as this will definitely be a heavy spin for years to come. This 45 comes as the lead single for the groups upcoming LP, Pushing Fire.