The Du-Rites “Bug Juice”

Is there any artist currently on the scene that’s just as or more busy than J-Zone!? This guy is a music workhorse who’s output seems to be nonstop plus he finds time in between to do his usual writing and interviews of other amazing drummers via his Red Bull Music Academy column. His current project, a two man instrumental band along with Pablo Martin (from Tom Tom Club) make up, The Du-Rites, a heavy funk duo serving up deep goodness with a vintage sound. Their first single, “Bug Juice” b/w “Hustle” is a killer combination and heavy dosage of drums (J-Zone has become a beast with those sticks), organ grooves, guitar and no funk is complete with out bass.

This mid-tempo scorcher is on par with many of the other seasoned funk bands that have been releasing music over the last few years and we’re glad to know that we now have even more options to choose from when sounds are concerned. The funk is alive and well, the drummer is still funky and no track would be complete if it didn’t have a break (hint: doubles are a must). Cop The Du-Rites when it drops in October then a full length LP hits bins in November.