Mello Soul Black & The Jazz Spastiks ‘What Ya Heard’

Can someone please explain to us how two MC’s from Texas and Tennessee known as Mello Soul Black mysteriously comes out of nowhere (at least unbeknownst to us), linked up with producers The Jazz Spastiks via Scotland and dropped a new 7” fittingly titled, “What Ya Heard” on Fresh Pressings!? We can’t stress to our fellow DJ’s enough, if you’re complaining about the state of Hip Hop music, mumble rap or whatever you sub label genres these days but aren’t going back and checking the so called underground for the many dope artists upholding tradition with the sound of the music that you once enjoyed, then you’re doing a disservice to your listeners.

Now with that being said, “What Ya Heard” is bouncy beats, rhymes and sharp cuts and rather refreshing to say the least. It’s the type of sh*t that makes you wanna jump in the whip and ride through the streets disturbing the neighbors. F*ck what ya heard, this is pure Hip Hop and we’re telling you that you need this in your crates. We’re not the nostalgic for the 90’s types but we are looking ahead towards the future nostalgia types and this fits the category perfectly. Get hipped now!

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