Saucy Lady - Sugar High

Saucy Lady – Sugar High b/w I’m Ready (T-Groove Remixes)

In 2016, independent labels across the globe have kept mine as well as many other DJ’s crates filled with treats of all genres to keep floors packed. One label that definitely fits into my top 5 of 2016 is Star Creature and one of my favorite releases to close out the year comes from the very talented Saucy Lady via the talented Japanese Disco producer Yuki Takhashi better known as T Groove. On the latest release from the label, T Groove pulls a gem from the vault and gives Saucy Lady’s “Sugar High” the funky disco treatment with a heavy B-boy appeal to it. For the first 60 seconds, the track really heats up until Saucy’s vocals cool things out in a spacy disco way over heavy drums and funky bass. No matter if you’re a traditionalist who loves to rock doubles or looking to fill the floor at your local discoteque, this is a crate essential of the highest degree.