Soul Scratch 7" Pushing Fire

Soul Scratch – Pushing Fire

The 7” may be the current trend or choice format amongst DJ’s but there’s no denying that the LP still reigns supreme especially when taking in the full spectrum of what an artist has to offer. In 2016 alone, I’ve received quite a few full lengths and it looks as though Colemine Records is ready to kick things off in a major way for 2017 with the upcoming Soul Scratch “Pushing Fire” LP. The sound of the new release is exactly what I expected, gritty vocals, with tight, raw production and a killer horn section. This is rough around the edges soul music filling a void in the genre and has something for everyone, from the uptempo dance floor fillers to the slow simmering bluesy cuts, Soul Scratch is definitely pushing forward as they push fire.

Available for pre-order now over at