Ikebe Shakedown b/w Monophonics

With so many new labels and releases showing up on the scene over the last few years it’s a hard task to stay up on everything, while weeding out the unnecessary. But when you know the players involved and their track record of musical output, you immediately move that record to the top of the “need to listen” stack. Transistor Sound is not only a label, but also a creative hub located in Northern California that harnesses the vision of a team of talented musicians, songwriters, producers, arrangers and audio engineers which means, they are serious about the music that they believe in and release. The labels first 7” is a split double-sider featuring two bands that have gotten plenty of coverage and spins from me, showcasing varying style and sounds.

The A-side features Ikebe Shakedown a band known for delivering heavy Afro-funk and cinematic soul grooves takes an unexpected right turn with “Curitiba Strut” that takes them into deep funky disco territory complete with spacy synth and of course, that incredible horn section. A serious dance floor filler and the perfect compliment to the flip.

The Bay Area’s Monophonics graces the B-side with “Hanging On”, a California Psychedelic Pop with heavy Detroit Soul influences and a great tune for those into the Northern Soul scene yet not exclusive or excluding dance floors or music lovers with a good ear for quality music.

Available now via https://www.coleminerecords.com