Diggin’ Denver

As a DJ and collector, finding things in the real world is always great especially discovering those unexpected finds. Weather it’s stumbling onto a local flea market or catching a random guy on the Lower East Side in NYC during the week selling crates of records. But one can’t deny that buying from a brick and mortar shop is always a joy especially when the shop owners care about their selection, customers and are pricing records to sell, not sit on the walls looking pretty.

While in Denver this past weekend, the homie’s DJ A-L and Ian Flaws took me out to a few spots to get my fingers dusty and after hitting a few different locations, we finally made our way to a rather new spot that’s only been open for about a year now and definitely had my full attention. I love the grimy hole in the wall shops but when you come across a well thought out, organized and designed space like Recollect Records, you feel at piece and know you’ll find something or will be turned on to something that you were previously unfamiliar with from the shops owners.

recollect records 1

Perfectly lined out and displayed on the walls are a collection of vintage screen printed concert posters with a super sharp, beautiful, large scale authentic James Brown tour poster flanked on the right as soon as you walk in the door.

James Brown Poster

The bins are stocked pretty full with each genre having a plethora, yet not overwhelming to choose from, from Disco and Boogie 12″ to Easy Listening, Moog, Library and Weirdness, Jazz, Rock, Soundtracks and Hip Hop.

Recollect Records 2

The focus of the shop is definitely more LP and 12″ oriented but there is a small section of 45s and cassette tapes to choose from.

cassette tapes

If you’re in Denver, definitely stop by and check out Recollect Records.