The Ace Tape Volume 2

When it comes to doing tributes, I’m always iffy on when is appropriate time and mostly on who the “deserves” a tribute. Have they done enough to warrant a tribute and  are people suddenly wanting to do a tribute because that person has passed away?  I’m always one for paying respects to an artist while they’re alive for them to see how much they are valued especially when they have years in the game and contributed heavily to the genre.  One MC who has been around the block once or twice is without a doubt, Masta Ace member of the legendary Juice Crew but has stood tall as a solo MC since 1988’s appearance on The Symphony.

Donnie Propa via Village Live have recently released volume 2 of The Ace Tape, a 60 minute cassette featuring some of Ace’s gems over the years.  When it comes to MC’s that have never fallen off, Ace is in the top 5 of always coming fresh and has proven to withstand the test of time.  From his lyrics, to picking beats, to stage show, he’s the complete package and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Grab a physical copy of The Ace Tape over at Village Live now.