Nostalgia King Digging Osaka Poster


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Over the years during my travels, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many different types of record shops to buy records and dealers to buy records from. From the the well curated new boutique style to the very unorganized, not even the owner knows what he / she has in their inventory because everything has been in disarray for 30+ years. During those travels, I’ve often had my 35mm film, point and shoot camera on hand to document some of those moments so I decided to pick a few photos from those excursions to print up into a poster size that would look great hanging in collectors homes, studios, record rooms or record shops.

The first that I have chosen is from a now closed shop in Osaka which had been open since the 1970’s. Although the shop had organized bins sorted out by genres, what was reveled in the back room and behind the curtains was something totally different, it was chaos and as a digger, that’s often times where the gems are to be found.

Limited edition of 25 numbered and signed

Size is 18 x 24

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