J-Zone “Funky” b/w “Go Back To Sellin’ Weed”

Our man pots and pans, Mr. tell it like it is, J-Zone is back with another sure shot that continues on with his series of “I get busy on the drums like that” on the A-side“ I’m still nice with the mic device” on the flip. “Funky” is exactly what we expected, heavy on the stinking drums that’ll make any “double’s are a must” connoisseur say “God damn, that drummer made my day”. Flip it over to the B-side with “Go Back To Sellin’ Weed” and it’s business as usual with Zone breaking the harsh reality to so many of you “still trying to make it in the industry” types that you’d probably have a better career pushing dime’s and nicks than those lame ass CDR’s that no one wants. In the history of rap, there’s never been anyone more open to crushing your dreams than this man and boy does he do it like a champ!

You know the routine, cop doubles because these are the type of breaks that future diggers and drum chasers will be trying to cop years down the line.