Will Sessions ft. Coko – Run, Don’t Walk Away

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Detroit is the place! The grit, the pride, the heart, soul and passion always comes through especially when it’s music related and Funk Night continues to carry on those qualities with their releases. Up next and fresh from the pressing plant is the new Will Sessions featuring Coko “Run, Don’t Walk Away” 45 and it’s pure deep down in the gut soul.

The Will Sessions sound is one that never disappoints and really comes through on this raw mid-tempo cut which features soul sister Coko who does an excellent job on the vocals to complement and make this single complete. Word has it that Coko will performing in July at the Saint-Paul Soul Jazz Festival so if you want to get a taste of Detroit then catch her there but in the meantime, head over to Funk Night Records to grab a copy and really feel the soul that pours out of the speakers.