Misha Panfilov Sound Combo “Space Jogging”

Estonian sound scientists Misha Panfilov Sound Combo once again delivers a futuristic soundscape to take long walks on the moon. The combo’s latest release “Space Jogging” b/w “Oliver Robotron” via Funk Night Records is a beautiful excursion of sonic sounds, sparkling synths and drums that combine to form a complete universe of intergalactic travel. Composer Misha Panfilov is really in tuned with the sound that he has so delicately mastered and brought forth in a way that many of library and film composers of yesteryear would be doing today if still making music.

This is our third review of an MPSC release here at Nostalgia King and their sound captivates us even more with every listen. So if you’ve been keeping up with us, then you know exactly what to do next. Head over to http://funknight.bigcartel.com for a preview then grab a copy.