The M-Tet Plus Two “Sal’s-U-Save” Part 1 & 2

One of our favorite bands that continue to mature in sound while delivering rock solid releases via Detroit’s Funk Night label as well as the bands own Lugnut Brand is the Bay Area’s The M-Tet. Coming in on the heels of their most recent release “VAMP, Oakland” and in a league of their own, the The M-Tet adds a Plus Two to the line up for their upcoming 45 titled, “Sal’s-U-Save” Parts 1 & 2. The Plus Two in this case adding a welcoming touch to the groups sound is Eric Mekkelson on tenor saxophone and Dave Berger on congas which rounds things out rather lovely and reminiscent of Jimmy McGriff’s finer grooves. The trio of Chris Lujan, Michael Reed and Gary Pitman already had working chemistry going on and now with the mid season roster change, the funk really flows and it shows on this two-part dosage of heavy organ jazz, which sounds amazing.

The M-Tet is the type of band that you feel classy listening to, a band that you arrive early to the jazz club just so that you can secure the front row seating to take in and experience something magical. If that’s the type of feeling you enjoy, then definitely do yourself a favor and pre-order a copy here