Bozack Morris “Loose Cannons”

There’s definitely something in the water up there in Toronto and it always has been when it comes to the liquid flows of beats and rhymes and DJ / Producer Bozack Morris is no stranger to either. A serious crate addict with some deep digs in his collection, the homie knows how to put it down on his mixtape shit as well as on the boards which is the case with his latest Loose Cannons 7”. The new 7, “Never Change” featuring Conway & Westside Gunn b/w “Mak 90” featuring Conway The Machine is a double sider of grimey, slow flow production laced with streetwise tales that you definitely don’t want to get caught out in the open and in crosshairs danger.

Slick talking, head cracking sh*t is what you’re getting so if you like it raw, then scoop up this blood splattered clear vinyl delight and take it for a spin.

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