Cold Diamond & Mink “Queen of Soul”

Without any previous knowledge of our next feature 45 and the people behind it, we didn’t know what to expect. If it comes with the Timmion seal of approval then we know it’s definitely going to be quality. But with a name like Cold Diamond & Mink, we would expect the sound to be some pimped out super soul long Cadillac type of sh*t and that’s exactly what we got.

Via Timmion Records:

“When driving thirty miles past the dry swampy darkness, poison green neon signs splashing reflections on your windshield featuring names of obscure bands such as The High Society Brothers, you know you have travelled a while. On the heels of the dawn settling in you might start hearing the sound of a fuzz guitar, gently cutting through the canopy. This is the realm, where you’ll find Cold Diamond & Mink jamming away on their garage soul trip, with no clear purpose or goal, except mere existence in a very funky way.

With “Queen of Soul” they uncover a romantic banger, which opens up with delicate drums, winding through a few dramatic changes, but always keeping the lyrical lead guitar in front of the pack. On the “instrumental” side they groove fuzz-less. Scoop it up now, or wait it pop up years later on some pulpy b-movie pastiche soundtrack. At that point everybody’s going to be after a copy.”