New Math Mondays: Nostalgia King Launch Recap

This past Monday I flew out to Dallas for the New Math Monday’s party which also served as the first launch party for my new Nostalgia King brand and sponsored by Grand Marnier. Monday nights are never an easy sell in any city but JT Donaldson and venue Off The Record have creating something great for those people who want to experience amazing DJ’s, artists and music outside of the weekend norm. The venue filled in early to enjoy JT Donaldson kicking things off with Ben Hixon following him up while guests enjoyed tastings and samples provided by the lovely ladies of Grand Marnier, which really got everyone into the flow. As the night progressed, Los Angeles’ Pink Siifu form Vibe Music Collective did a live beat set which set me up lovely to do what I do. New Math Mondays has a heavy focus on House, Techno, Disco, Soul, Latin, Jazz and Future, all things that translate well to filling dance floors so having packed my crates accordingly with a choice selection, it was time to go in.


As James Brown said, “Gather ‘round, clap ya hands”, and that’s exactly the crowd reaction as I dropped the needle down on the first record as I crossed genres and vibes for the next 2 hours before closing out the night. There’s something special about playing from the heart for a room full of people that trust what you do based on first hand experience of co-signs and recommendations which is what building a successful brand is all about, quality, substance and being you. Thank you to New Math Mondays, Off The Record and the good people that came out on a Monday night and who went to work tired on Tuesday morning, this was a great kick off and I’m honored that you chose to experience it with me. Major thanks to the staff at Grand Marnier for sponsoring and bringing the Nostalgia King brand to Dallas and helping to make the first night a success. Cheers!