Honey Sauce Band – Boy Toy EP

Sometimes I just want to write a review consisting of only two words, “buy it”, and with those words you would know just how serious I was when I make that recommendation. Well today won’t be that day but just for the record, know that I am highly recommending that you grab a copy of the Honey Sauce Band’s new EP, “Boy Toy”. If you’ve been following my reviews or hearing me play out at clubs, then you surely know that anything Saucy Lady records, I’m all ears and ready for a listen. Her latest outing recorded under the name Honey Sauce Band goes deep with a 5-track crossover EP that connects both the modern funk and disco scenes to one groove on the dance floor.

The EP features Boy Toy (original mix) and also a pair of remixes by the likes of E-Live and Ourra all of which have different vibes so it feels like 3 different songs. This flip side features “Mirror Life” which is an ode to the disco ball reflecting on the movements of the dance floor, a presence much like the sun shining over the revolving earth. Word is that copies have been selling out fast with retailers needing to re-up so I suggest you snagging a copy before they hit the secondary market for a higher price.