Escapism In Izu

Most people know Japan for its large cities, bright lights and hustle and bustle but the most amazing parts of the country is actually the small countryside towns where mainly locals reside. From Tokyo, it’s about a 2 hour train ride and once you arrive in town, you’ll notice that the train station which is Izu-Inatori is so small that 3 people could probably run it. While in the small town of Izu for Rainbow Disco Club, I stayed up in the mountains (literally a 15 min drive up) at a bed & breakfast owned by a cute older couple which gave me a taste of “real” Japan living from the countryside perspective. The home sat on top of the mountain with winding roads only able to fit one passing car comfortably and featured amazing panoramic views with deers running freely but still observant of the watchers.

Besides the peace and quiet, one of the things that really made this place standout was the hospitality and the meal service. Being that I was out most of the time I didn’t have dinner but the breakfast the following day was amazing! A very traditional Japanese style particular to that region which consisted of red snapper marinated in soy sauce, sushi, miso soup, salad, raw wasabi and a few other dishes along with authentic green tea. This was an experience to say the least and one that beats staying in a hotel any day.

If you’re ever in travel mode, I highly suggest you getting off the main street and heading down the side roads to places less explored, that’s where all the gems are at!