Escapism In Beijing Part 1

Have I ever mentioned that I love to travel?  Being a DJ is great, but it’s the other perks around the profession that makes that life amazing.  It’s the food, the people, the varying cultures that you experience during that excursion and it’s the perfect time to take note and understand the world just a little bit better and know that it’s definitely bigger than just your neighborhood or your city. One of the places that I’ve ventured to over the years was Beijing which is a great city with equally great sites, food and culture. 2014 was my first time traveling to Beijing which was only a brief 48hrs in tourist / DJ mode but I packed in just enough of what was needed to do until I later made my return trip to explore the city even more.  What follows is a brief visual journey guide to one of my favorite places known as Forbidden City that I love visiting anytime that I’m in the city.