Diggin’ San Antonio

Last week I had to pleasure of playing a pair of nights in San Antonio which both The Soul Spot and Alamo City Soul Club parties are always a great time. But of course no trip would be complete without good getting in a little digging in for records vintage goods and of course food which San Antonio definitely has it’s fair share of it.  But the highlight of the digs was definitely spending a few hours in Friends of Sound which I actually could have spent a few days there trying to get through even a small percentage of the inventory.  But even with only a few hours on hand, that time was well spent and still pulled a nice stack of 45s and a couple of LPs to bring home with me.  Food is always a priority on these trips and  having friends that know the best places to eat are always key so if you’re looking for the best place for buns then Ming’s Thing is the place!  Their pork, chicken and pork belly buns are some of the best that I’ve had world wide and any place that has Hitachino in the beer selection has got to be alright.  Round out the digs with hitting the vintage video game spot for a few rare Atari and Vectrex cartridges then to the vintage store where their selection of toys, clamshell Kung Fu VHS, books and other things reminded me of a local spot here in Philly which never disappoints.

If you’re every in the are, San Antonio is a place that you need to visit for good vibes, people and food.  It’s very under the radar, locals are chill and it’s yet to be gentrified like other parts of the states.